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I write this while drinking coffee from Kenya.
A coffee plantation requires sacrifices. Planting coffee means there is less space for nature or other food crops.
If I waste my coffee, all those sacrifices go down the drain.

If 1/3 of food is wasted, it means that 1/3 of all that destruction was for nothing.
Wasting food means more trouble for vultures, but also for the 14 million Kenyans who don’t get enough food.
In rich countries, 40% of food waste happens at the consumer level.
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Do you remember the vultures from The Jungle Book? At some point, one of them invites Mowgli into their group.

“Kid, we’d like to make you an honorary vulture.”

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Like a typical human, Mowgli thinks he doesn’t need them.

The food system

Problem 2 of 4

We waste 1/3 of all food while trying to stop world hunger.

Dear vultures, in the name of humanity I want to say I’m sorry.
I’d like to become an honorary vulture. We have much to learn from you.