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Did you ever pretend you were an animal as a kid?

I bet you never wanted to be a vulture. Time to change that.

Feed the vulture

[drag the food into its stomach]

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The stomach acid is so strong that it kills bacteria and diseases.

Fun fact for playing vulture as a kid: they can vomit their entire stomach when threatened. 

But even the vulture’s stomach isn’t strong enough to deal with poison.

As farmland expands, lions kill more and more cows. So farmers use poison for the lions, but this also kills the vultures.
More info

This touching video shows you more (3:23)

Vultures are the fastest dying bird on the planet. They could be extinct in 5-10 years.

Critically endangered


Near threatened
Least concern

Scroll right (picture from National Geographic)

It would be sad to lose lions.
It will be a catastrophe to lose vultures.
Without vultures, bacteria and diseases of dead animals wouldn’t be killed.

And I don't have to explain what a pandemic is....

Vultures can teach us about the hidden life support we get from nature.

But vultures can also teach us another lesson.