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Welcome, my name is Frank and I want to invite you on an adventure.
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It's 2018, I'm drinking coffee with a friend and we start talking about the effects of climate change.

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I was 15 when I made my first website about melting glaciers and polar bears.

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I had realised that the world isn’t fair. I felt guilty about how rich and privileged I was as a kid from Europe.

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But guilt turned into purpose: to use my lucky situation to make a positive impact.

My coffee is almost empty when my friend asks about the solutions for climate change.
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But I have no answers. All this time I've had a passion for climate change without a clue what to do about it!?

In university, I wanted to write my thesis about solar panels.

But my advisor told me that I would have to choose a topic I knew something about.

So I wrote about social media instead...

I really care about climate change. But maybe I'm not technical enough to understand it?

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Maybe climate change isn't where I can make an impact.

Maybe I've chosen the wrong passion...