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But I’m not ready to give up climate change, yet.


I'm reading all kinds of books, trying to see what would make a difference.

25 solutions

And slowly it starts to make sense...

Let's play a game of Memory.
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If food is such a big problem, it can also be a huge solution!
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In the book 'Drawdown', the third and fourth-best solution to reduce CO2-eq emissions is reducing food waste and eating a plant-rich diet. In their updated, report they moved to spot one and three.

Food is not only a big solution from a global perspective, but also for an individual because food makes up one of the biggest emission categories (35% in the Netherlands).

But food is not only important for CO2 emissions. Agriculture plays an even bigger role in land use, water use, biodiversity loss and eutrophication (water pollution).


I'm really excited because we don't need complicated technology to solve food problems!

All we need is better choices from regular people like you and me.


It gets even better: our food choices can not only stop the damage, they can also heal the Earth.