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Producing even more meat will drive the shoebill and lots of other animals into extinction.
nature destruction
But this isn’t just a story about humans taking over nature.
This is also a story of the two shoebill chicks, where one has a headstart and limits the growth of the other.
Because when it comes to eating meat, rich countries are the older chick with a headstart:

Meat supply per person per year (2017)

The Planetary Health Diet is the guideline for eating sustainably.

Match the countries with the right column

What all rich countries have in common is that their appetite for meat is using up an unfair amount of land and resources.

Now other countries also want to eat meat but there is not enough space on our planet.


The only real option to feed 10 billion people is to reduce our meat consumption.

The food system

Problem 3 of 4

To feed the growing appetite for meat, we would have to double food production.

If you're going to join the solution, the shoebill and its friends will be forever grateful 😉