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Stories like this make me so angry

But at the same time, I feel like it’s not the full story.

If I produce cigarettes and you smoke them, is that only my fault?

If fossil fuel ads had the same warnings as cigarettes | From ClientEarth

All of BP’s oil is going somewhere.
Someone is ’smoking’ it.

Only four countries produce half of the world’s emissions. Which of them is the biggest polluter?

Click on the country

We have to stop these countries from destroying the planet. But how?!
Being so angry makes me thirsty 😡

Drink the water [use the slider]

This glass is made in Russia, but most often it’s ‘Made in China’...

So maybe the high emissions for China make sense?

Not only does China have a lot more people, they also have a lot more factories.

Factories for our stuff...